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Unify Design Art at designboom mart

A video documenting designboom mart 2018

Our collective team along with 16 other creative professionals from different parts of the globe were chosen to present self-produced and limited-edition objects to the Canadian people during designboom mart, at Toronto Design Show 2018.

Unify Box, our project one is the result of collaboration of our collective group from many parts of the world.

Unify box is a collaboration with Tara Korkmaz, Erica Joaquin, Kevin Tomm, Erin Allen, Jessica Rysyk, Maedeh Kadkhodazadeh, Marjan Sarkari, Hassan Rezaei, Avis Yu Han Ho, Saba Safari, Babak Behrad doust, Maedeh Mohamadian, Behrouz Barabadi, Homayoun Nezami, Haleh Hashemi, Razieh Soltani, Elaine Yeung, Mikhail Shchupak-Katsman and Hamid Shahi

Documented by Hamid Shahi
Edited by Hamdi Shahi

Special Thanks to designboom

The Big Reveal

It’s been less than three months that we have started a global initiative. Unify Design Art is a movement that thrives on collaboration and socialization that bring us together during everyday life.

Thankfully we succeeded on our first creative collaborate project along with many artists and designers from across the world. Read more about it on our blog 

Unify Design Art

Happy New Year to all my lovely friends. To start 2018, we are proud to present Unify Design Art, a sustainable movement of artists and designers that aims to enrich the quality of life of those living in local communities through the cultivation of creativity and unification of communities globally. Those of you that will be at Toronto Design Show from Jan 18 to Jan 21, please visit us at designboom mart.

To learn more about Unify Design Art, visit our website at https://www.unifyda.org/

Manabu Chiba

Recently, we had a wonderful opportunity to meet Manabu Chiba, another remarkable Japanese architect. Professor as well as the Vice-President of the Tokyo University, he is also currently teaching at Harvard University. 

Our interview with Chiba San was enlightening, as an intellectual and humble role model, we learned so much from this master. We were fortunate to hear some of his treasurable stories and ideas and his perspective towards urban environments and architecture. He is truly a source of inspiration to us
along with many young designers around the world. We are so grateful for his time and energy in this interview that made our journey in Japan much brighter.

As for our interview series, we are working on a very special project that we will announce very soon. 

Klein Dytham Architects

Recently, I had the honour to meet with Mark Dytham from Klein Dytham Architects and the co-founder of PechaKucha, to hear about their challenging moments, triumphs and precious experiences.

This legendary pair are not only inspiring architects, but have extended their reach outside of their profession, creating an accessible platform for talented minds to express their ideas. Truly these two are a source of inspiration for me, and their contribution to so many communities all over the world can never be over looked.

Our talk was enlightening, full of laughter and I can surely say that I understand much better the years of risk, determination and the vision of creativity and compassion that connects us all.

As for our interview series, the mission continues…

Pecha Kucha Osaka

At PKNOsaka Vol. 18, I will be talking about my research on understanding senses and sensory design in relation to the city of Tokyo’s urban experiences. I am excited to share some of my sensory exploration research under the supervision of Professor Federica Goffi, as well as talking about my previous works with PechaKucha people. For my lovely friends in Osaka, come join us at Grand Front Osaka on Saturday September 2nd. 

For more info, visit pechakucha.org 

Reunion with Yoko Takaike San

What a fruitful reunion with Yoko San after our venture a few years ago in Kamaishi.
I had the great opportunity at that time to participate in her community house
project in the North East of Japan, aiming to improve the mental health of the
area’s residents.

Here we are two years later having grown so much. I had the pleasure of sitting down
with her, to exchange ideas.

Mentored by Toyo Ito for seven years, and now running her own firm, Yoko Takaike
Architects in the heart of Tokyo, this powerful woman has had many successes,
including Meguro Yakumo’s apartment complex and Ankle (Wrinkle) in Kobe
Biennale, not to mention raising her three year old son.

We are so grateful for her time and energy in this interview, and hearing her
passion and ideas gets us even more excited to keep the momentum for the rest
of our interview series. Keep an eye out and maybe you’ll be surprised by who
we sit down with next!

Reunion with Riken Yamamoto San

An amazing reunion with Riken Yamamoto San after two long years.

We were blessed to have this opportunity to interview the master, and draw on his considerable experience to explore our deepest questions about architecture and our roles in the world. Yamamoto San is known for his treatment of dense urban settings. His recent works include Yokohama City University (2016) K elementary School (2018) and The Circle Zurich Airport in Switzerland (to be completed in 2019). To find out more about his works, visit Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop

We are so grateful for this experience, and a special thank you to my amazing team, Rikako San and Erin San for their incredible support.

Keep an eye out for updates on our secret project, and to see who’s in the hot seat next!

Re-Unify at PechaKucha Vol 149 in Photos

We were so excited to be presenting and to meet all of the talented and passionate people who attended, lending their smiles and positive energy. An amazing experience, such a beautiful outlet for creativity and brilliant ideas. It really shows us that by nature, human beings are creative and compassionate.

Please visit PechaKucha Tokyo on Facebook for entire event’s photos taken by Brian Scott Peterson.

PechaKucha 20x20 Tokyo

Presenting Re-Unify at PechaKucha

Through exploration and discussion of past projects and experiences, I along with Erin examine the notion of architecture as a powerful tool to unify communities and incite positive social change. We will discuss how we have come to see the role of architecture in local communities and around the world.

“We believe design is tied to a greater purpose. As Architects
we could be using our abilities to create positive change”.

Wednesday July 26th
Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe


How to explore sound in the context of the city? 

What is the shape of sound?

This project started with an attempt to generate a full scale permanent pavilion
at The Lot Radio in New York City, a meeting point for local
and international DJ’s to broadcast. We created a field of sound in a
three dimensional form for engaging and inviting more
people to the site.

To read more and see the photos please visit plus FARM 

A collaboration with Erin Allen, Hope Allen, Alejandra DaPetta, Amanda Gusmano, Danya Li, Giovanna Lopez, Sarah Reimer, William Haskas, Matei Denes as well as Joe Vidich. 

Canadian Chinese Alumni Association

For the second time, I had a pleasure meeting The Consul General of the People’s China in Toronto, Mr. XUE Bing and Mrs.XUE, their wonderful team as well as some of the talented Canadians, who participated in studying and researching in China. In addition, I’d like to congratulate my lovely friends Christine and Shannon for being chosen to be the ambassadors of CCAA. 

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