Hamid Shahi

Hello Wood Festival

I am really grateful that I had an opportunity to participate in Hello Wood summer school and festival 2019 alongside amazing talents from all around the world. 20 amazing projects was built during one
week long, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the festival with the theme of
I took part of building the Party Temple project along side Martial Marquet, Vojtech Nemec, Nikolaj Srdić Kranjc, Jemima Brakspear, Winson Yeung, and Karolina Krzyżanowska. The experience was inspiring and memorable as we pushed the boundaries working with wood in every project. 

To read more about all the projects please read the recent publication by Archdaily

Ottawa Riverkeeper’s Gala

This year Ottawa Riverkeeper Gala was a great success and I am so grateful that I had a pleasure to volunteer and participate along all the amazing souls. I on behalf of Unify Design Art, donated one of the Unify Boxes that I designed in collaboration with Glass Artisans Alvanblour and Homayoun. 

Here are some beautiful moments from the event:
Click to see the photos

more information about the Gala:

Exploring Bamboo

I recently visited Barbados for the second time where I found an opportunity to learn more about this beautiful island and its amazing people. Through my explorations of existing local materials, I found a small area of non-native bamboo forest that was accessible to me to start investigating its qualities. During this process, I shared a video documentation on my Instagram explaining my attempt, and why I decided to harvest them. After spending a few days, I learned so much working with this plant material.  At the same time, I researched a lot to understand its potentials of which have inspired me in learning to continue my pursuit of exploring this material through architecture and design. Hopefully in near future, I can learn more from experts who have dedicated their lives working with, and promoting this type of material, which has been proven to be very sustainable and great source for building material around the world. 

Successful Master’s Thesis Defense

After 8 years of making, I’m very happy and blessed to announce that my thesis presentation defence went very well and I’m thankful for this milestone and growth.

Couldn’t ask for a better Advisor, amazing Guest Critics, groups of wonderful and talented Friends and Colleagues. Special Thanks to those amazing souls who supported me on this journey and also those who dedicated time to come and watch my defence presentation. Photos by Sepi

Diluvio Presentation

During our opening on Friday March 22, we had an amazing opportunity to present the underlying ideas behind the  Diluvio sculptural installation and how it has drawn inspiration from Leonardo’s deluge drawings and his studies of the dynamics of the flow of water, air, light, shadows and energy. Thanks to everyone who came to support this project on the opening. All are welcome to visit Diluvio until early May 2019 in MacOdrum Library, Ottawa. Canada. 

City as Water Way

I am honoured to be selected to present my research topic “City as Water Way” for Seventh Annual Carleton Art History Graduate Student Conference organized by AHGSS. With the desire of bringing more awareness to the Ottawa River and other rivers around the world, I believe in the twenty first century, there is a need to fully understand and have knowledge on not only how to interact with, but learn how to protect the rivers.


I would like to invite my friends in Ottawa to join us for a public presentation of Diluvio, a sculptural installation inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s deluge drawings, and a reception in the MacOdrum Library beginning at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 22, 2019.

Diluvio is the result of Crossings Interdisciplinary Workshop lead by Prof Manuel Baez that is underlying ideas behind the installation and how it has drawn inspiration from Leonardo’s deluge drawings and his studies of the dynamics of the flow of water, air, light, shadows and energy. 

For more information visit here.


I am thrilled to announce that my new design Pulse is shortlisted for ein und zwanzig 2019 by the German Design Council. I am incredibly proud to be the first Designer to present Canada for this award competition. 


An impressive international jury will designate soon the 21 winners out of the shortlist who will have the chance to be invited to Milan to exhibit their work at Milan Design Week 2019. 
Special thanks to my mentor Prof Manuel Baez for inspiring me, as well as my talented girlfriend Erin Allen who assisted me to develop this idea. Also many thanks to my great talented friend Daniel @artofeffah for his amazing documentation, photographing Pulse. ⁣

MOR - Tokyo Screening

We had a fantastic time screening our film in Tokyo. We are so grateful for this opportunity to connect with more amazing people through this film. 

After screening the film, we were so grateful to have an opportunity to talk more about the film and have a dialogue around community. It was very fruitful to hear many different feedbacks from the amazing people who attended this event. Their time, energy and positive feedback on that night made our journey much brighter. Special thanks to all our friends, colleagues, and mentors who attended to support this event.

 Photos by Yasuhito Iwata 

MOR - Kamaishi Screening

On Feb 16 2019, we screened our film in Kamaishi , where many people lost their lives during the disaster and many others still carry their sad memories, but thankfully we were able to connect with the community, engage in great conversation and and get feedback from them. We learned so much from their treasurable stories, ideas and their perspective towards their current communities. We are so grateful for this opportunity to reconnect with Kamaishi through this film. Their time and energy on that night made our journey much brighter.

Special thanks to Kibihara Family for helping us to organize the event. 


شنبه هفته پيش براى اولين بار فيلم ما در شهر كامايشى در حضور جوانان فعال ان شهر با موفقيت اكران شد. خدارو شكر واكنش خوبى از انها ديديم كه سبب گفتگو صميمانه فراتر درباره حال و احوال امروز جامعه انان شد

MOR - The Moment of Realization」 上映会

What an astounding stage of richness these past two years have brought to me, Rikako Takahashi, and Erin Allen. Many thanks to the incredible architects who believed in our initiative for this film.  And lastly, thank you to those who supported us and took part in this extraordinary honour, especially to our mentor Jim Giles.

MOR” is a film about every person’s potential, creativity and compassion that lies at the root of their nature. We wanted to explore that moment of realization, when a person sees and understands their path in life, to use their skills to relate to others, to explore our individual creativity, and to use our passion to improve ourselves and our world.

We are enormously proud of what we created and we are delighted to screen this film for the first time to the public in Kamaishi and Tokyo this month. For more details please visit the links below:  

Saturday February 16 2019
18: 30 - 20: 30 @ Sanriku Komaki, Kamaishi

Friday February 22 2019
19: 00 - 21: 00 @ SHIBAURA HOUSE, Tokyo

Looking forward to meet everyone in Japan


During the transition from Summer to Fall, now is a great time to look back at summer time and meditate on the memorable moments that all of us experienced.

I certainly went through a lot of memorable moments, dialogues and experiences. Somehow amazing and someway productive. How about you? Did you meet all your summer goals? Did you do everything that you had on your to-do list?  I certainly didn’t! I am sure we all tried to make the most out of it. I made a lot of new friendships instead, explored more, contemplated a lot on just being and getting closer to my inner peace. 

I get a sense that a new path is waiting, to discover more, to learn more and to enjoy more…

for all of us together.

Kengo Kuma Inspired

One of the most memorable of our experiences in Japan took place one night, suspended over the streets of Tokyo, the wind gently brushing through the bamboo trees of the temple next door. It was close to midnight, with all of our cameras set up and questions ready, when a man I had come to admire and deeply respect came walking calmly up the stairs of his internationally renowned office, one of the best in the world. 

Kengo Kuma San as always, so kind, peaceful respectful and attentive for one of the most famous architects on earth. To interview Kuma San after working in his office for over two months was an honour, a privilege and an immeasurable joy. He met every question with calm deliberation, astounding wisdom and humility. 

Hearing of all his experinces growing up from a young boy, evolving through the years in his respect for materials, for craftspeople and for learning from others, I began to feel as through suspended in time, witnessing a precious outflow of wisdom. 

Needless to say, the last interview of our time spent in Japan was well worth the wait, and I can truly say it has informed us past the projects we work on, but provided an experience that we will surely refer back to in every decision we make for the rest of our careers.


Hamid Shahi

Kengo Kuma San

Kengo Kuma and Hamid Shahi

Rikako Takahashi, Genki Yada, Kengo Kuma, Hamid Shahi and Erin Allen

Milan Design Week

Recently I had a great opportunity to visit Milan during Design Week. I was fortunate to experience and explore most of the exhibitions in the city along with my good friend Behrouz from Unify Design Art. It was a joy to experience the range of projects all over the city. I met amazing new friends and was hugely inspired by the whole design theme in the city and great hospitality of Italians during this week long event. 

The purpose of this trip was simply to explore and learn from wide range of design experiences. I was able to create a dialogue with other creative designers, and find new exciting opportunities in the near future. 


Making Connections in Manchester

Recently I had an amazing opportunity to be presenting and to meet all of the talented and passionate people from Manchester who attended, lending their smiles and positive energy. The theme of Pechakucha Vol.21 was “making connections” and my topic was called “A journey toward unity”.

Please click on the following link to watch and hear about my presentation.


Equality Through Unity

Unify Design Art is again pushing further to connect with more wonderful creative people in the UK, this time jumping on an opportunity to present at Pechakucha in Cambridge. On behalf of our team, I will be travelling to this beautiful city on March 6th, to speak towards how we are working together to pursue our goals within the community. His presentation will be recorded and the audio version will be available on the PechaKucha website soon. 

A Journey Towards Unity

Presenting A journey Towards Unity at Pechakucha Manchester 

Unify Design Art is having a great opportunity to unify with amazing people in the UK. As a founding partner of UDA, I am invited to present in PechaKucha Night Manchester. Through exploration and discussion of past projects and experiences, I will be talking about our mission to create a global collaborative community. The recorded version will be available on Pechakuca website at a later time. 

Thursday March 1st 2018
Manchester @ the International Anthony Burgess Foundation 

Imagining a New World

Under the guidance of our incredible professor Tim Maly, a writer, design researcher, a lecturer in Industrial Design at RISD and a fellow at Harvard’s metaLAB, along with ten students and myself undertook the challenge of creating a new imagined planetary system in a fictional design studio.

The studio acted as the creative preamble for our upcoming trek across the pond, putting us through the paces of fully immersive design through imagination.

The unveiling of this creative venture was a central part of our design school’s interim design exhibitions, and was hugely successful.

The exhibition is being displayed at the Hub Gallery at the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism at Carleton University, and features thought provoking work of what planetary relations could be, centered around the reimagining of commerce in the marketplace.

A collaboration with Ronak Ghandi, Tina Sadeghi-Pari, Ryan Fleming, Justin Yan, Zabdi Falcon, Rachel Irving-Beer, Lucas Tonellato, Stacy Kowalchuk, Kristina Le, Alexis Wang, and Lindsay Mirecki.
Guest Crits Professor Jill Stoner and Professor Ozayr Saloojee

Professor Tim Maly and our world

Materials by Rachel and Lucas

Works by Zadbi Falcon

Alexis Wang

Tina & Justin

Hamid Shahi

Crit moments

Unify Design Art at designboom mart

A video documenting designboom mart 2018

Our collective team along with 16 other creative professionals from different parts of the globe were chosen to present self-produced and limited-edition objects to the Canadian people during designboom mart, at Toronto Design Show 2018.

Unify Box, our project one is the result of collaboration of our collective group from many parts of the world.

Unify box is a collaboration with Tara Korkmaz, Erica Joaquin, Kevin Tomm, Erin Allen, Jessica Rysyk, Maedeh Kadkhodazadeh, Marjan Sarkari, Hassan Rezaei, Avis Yu Han Ho, Saba Safari, Babak Behrad doust, Maedeh Mohamadian, Behrouz Barabadi, Homayoun Nezami, Haleh Hashemi, Razieh Soltani, Elaine Yeung, Mikhail Shchupak-Katsman and Hamid Shahi

Documented by Hamid Shahi
Edited by Hamdi Shahi

Special Thanks to designboom

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