Hamid Shahi

Kengo Kuma Inspired

One of the most memorable of our experiences in Japan took place one night, suspended over the streets of Tokyo, the wind gently brushing through the bamboo trees of the temple next door. It was close to midnight, with all of our cameras set up and questions ready, when a man I had come to admire and deeply respect came walking calmly up the stairs of his internationally renowned office, one of the best in the world. 

Kengo Kuma San as always, so kind, peaceful respectful and attentive for one of the most famous architects on earth. To interview Kuma San after working in his office for over two months was an honour, a privilege and an immeasurable joy. He met every question with calm deliberation, astounding wisdom and humility. 

Hearing of all his experinces growing up from a young boy, evolving through the years in his respect for materials, for craftspeople and for learning from others, I began to feel as through suspended in time, witnessing a precious outflow of wisdom. 

Needless to say, the last interview of our time spent in Japan was well worth the wait, and I can truly say it has informed us past the projects we work on, but provided an experience that we will surely refer back to in every decision we make for the rest of our careers.


Hamid Shahi

Kengo Kuma San

Kengo Kuma and Hamid Shahi

Rikako Takahashi, Genki Yada, Kengo Kuma, Hamid Shahi and Erin Allen

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