Hamid Shahi

Volunteering in Kamaishi, Japan

I had a pleasure to connect with some awesome people that are spending most of their time helping Kamaishi to regrow. Unfortunately Kamaishi was heavily damaged by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in which 1,250 city residents were killed. Although city has been recovered partially but Kamaishi citizens still need more support. Government along with architects and engineers have helped many communities to move into temporary housings. One can argue that although these houses are built fairly well, but people still wish to have their own homes to get rebuilt in near future. Earlier in august, I met an architect, who presented her project in Pecha Kucha Tokyo. Ms. Yoko Takaike, worked for Toyo Ito San for many years. She currently along with her team, is working on an interesting community project in Kamaishi. This project is unique in a way that promotes horse therapy by bringing two horses into the community centre. Because of my high interest to give back to communities that have been experienced some tough times before and connect with amazing people, who are volunteering their time, I planned to support this mission. For a full weekend, I travelled to North East of Japan to help the process of a new family/community house that is getting renovated. Kamaishi is located 5 hours away from Tokyo. The city has been situated in a beautiful nature. There are many beautiful mountains filled by tall trees around the city. On the east side, city can access North Pacific Ocean. Moreover, I had an amazing experience working with everyone and I am happy that I got to get connected with many lovely people who travelled from all over the Japan to support this cause. These are some images that I am very happy to share it here. 

Hamid Shahi Volunteering

Hamid Shahi and Elina

Hamid Shahi and other wonderful volunteers

Mount Fuji is Full of Inspirations

My friends and I climbed the highest mountain in Japan on saturday morning, July 25th. Mount Fuji, having an altitude of 3,776 meters, is the highest mountain in Japan. The conical-shaped independent peak is beautiful from every angle. This inspiring mountain is a world cultural heritage site and the pride of Japan. This was an incredible experience for me to be able to make it all the way to the top. The whole journey took 16 hours (8 hours going up and 8 hours down). Although, it was difficult but being among other climbers with high dedication and ambitious, made my journey much enjoyable. I believe Mount Fuji is a place where life’s lessons, memories and values are certain to be treasured. I certainly never forget my experience. These are some of the photos that was taken by my team. Yours in health

A perspective from Mount Fuji

Hamid Shahi

Mount Fuji

Hamid Shahi

Hamid Shahi and His Friend Mehdi

My Journey to China

I had an absolute pleasure to meet and work along many talented international designers during the Social Innovation Design Program hosted by Jiangnan University. This was a reason to visit historical and amazing country such as China. China is a vast, beautiful country with a lot of lovely people. I discovered and learnt a lot in every minute of my journey. People were super friendly and incredibly humble. As they say, “the journey of thousand miles starts with a single step”, and my journey was just a short powerful introduction as it contained getting to know some of the most talented Chinese artists and designers, exploring the cities and their history. Therefore, these are all the main factors that I look forward to go back to China to learn, explore and and collaborate with their artists and designers. These photos are some of the highlights of my trip and currently I am editing a few videos along with my ceramic project as well as our final proposal. Regards

Hamid Shahi

Hamid Shahu

Hamid Shahi

Hamid Shahi , Shannon Power and Their Professors

Visiting a Local Farm

Hamid Shahi is presenting

Hamid Shahi during his presentation

“Feeding the Planet, Rebuilding the Trust”

The theme of Innovation design program that I am participating in China is same as Milano Expo 2015. Food and agriculture is a fundamental part of everyday life of human society and these are emerging fields of design intervention. The declining of food safety, quality and diversity in modernization brings major challenges to people’s health, quality of life and their environment. It’s been about 8 days that I along other talented designers from around world are working towards rediscovering the new quality of relationship between people and agriculture in China. 

Innovation Design Program Scholarship in China

I have delighted to announce that I have been awarded a full scholarship to participate in Summer Innovation Design program in Wuxi, China from June 26 to July 10. I am very grateful to join this program along with other local/international designers and students. I thank Jiangnan University committee for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to this amazing learning experience in China. 

As one of the universities that Chinese Ministry of Education directly administrates, Jiangnan University provides an intercultural and inter-disciplinary platform to explore concrete local challenges and problems with a  global vision, employing the new design principles and approaches. 


I had the privilege of attending the 20th anniversary symposium of Osanbashi pier designed by Alejandro Zaera-Polo and Farshid Moussavi in Yokohama, Japan. There was a series of fascinating lectures by famous architects and engineers who were involved this spectacular project. Osanbashi pier is a spectacular architecture that is considered as one of my favourite projects. Therefore, today after 20 years since its competition began, this symposium was a reason to inspire me more about the world of architecture. I also had a pleasure of meeting some of my favourite award wining architects such as Kazuyo Sejima San, Kengo Kuma San, Mr. Jesse Reiser and Nanako Umemoto San as well as grand master Arata Isozaki San. These pictures show a few highlights of my day. 



Hamid Shahi and Yokoham Port

Hamid Shahi and Kazuyo Sejima San

Hamid Shahi and Kengo Kuma San

Hamid Shahi and Mr. Jesse Reiser

Hamid Shahi and Nanako Umemoto San


Paresa, the infill urban home has been designed by Hamid Shahi to help young professional couples who need minimal affordable subsidized dwelling. These units are stacked and combined in groups to treat the edge of Toronto parking lots. These units are developed in a new way that are highly standardized and easily deployable, yet capable of accommodating a wide range of lifestyles, including more collective forms of living, and promoting communal spaces.

Hamid Shahi and Paresa Housing

Prefabricated Housing

Hamid Shahi is working on designing another studio project that focuses on prefabricated housing units for urban inhabitants. Hamid’s design responds to those young professionals who need minimal affordable subsidized dwelling. These units could be stacked and combined in groups depending on the site. These units are developed in a new way that are highly standardized and easily deployable, yet capable of accommodating a wide range of lifestyles, including more collective forms of living, and responding to variety of site conditions.

Hospitality and Retail

Hamid Shahi has begun working on a new studio project in downtown Toronto. The most important intention of this project is to create a new city icon which improves cultural and socializing aspect of the city. An environment suitable for guests and public locals to interact, socialize and enjoy their time. The challenging and exciting part of this project is to work with an exciting heritage building and focus on the collaboration of every element within the space to create an iconic experiantial Hotel.

Hamid Shahi and Concept Model

Interior Design Show

Hamid Shahi had a great experience presenting Azman Design Collection in IDS15 and he would like to thank the sponsors, partners, exhibitors, attendees and everyone else who made Toronto Interior Design Show another success this year.

Hamid Shahi

Hamid Shahi

Sepehr M, Hamid Shahi and Orod Tajdaran

Hamid Shahi and Orod Tajdaran

Hamid Shahi and Siamak Hariri

Hamid Shahi and Sepehr M.

Universal Kitchen

Universal design is an important subject in Architecture. The aim of universal design is to develop theory, principles and solutions to enable everybody becoming increasingly important in architecture and interior design spaces. Hamid Shahi completed the studio course “Accessibility Design For The Built Environment”, where he developed his skills to design better for everyone especially seniors and people with disability. At last, Hamid designed a 37 square metres Universal Kitchen.

Hamid Shahi and Universal Design

Lighting Design

Ivalo Office Lighting Design has been completed by Hamid Shahi and his teammates. The design of the Ivalo office space was approached with a minimalist mind set, based on neutral and Earth tones. Implementing the ideal lighting systems for the space was our focus in order to create a comfortable work space that would influence mood, well-being and improve performance. Therefore, distinguishing between different areas in the office and the tasks being performance were important steps in the lighting design process.

Carriage House

Hamid Shahi is in process of designing the most attractive, effective and energy-efficient Carriage House for a young artist to contemplate and work. Project aims to be completed by December.


Hamid Shahi has begun working on inclusive Design for challenging clients. He is grateful and excited to design a residential project for a blind couple in downtown Toronto. Blind people have a lot of strong senses and they also care about illumination even though, they are not able to see. Therefore, Hamid focuses on sensation of light and heat as a concept for this project to make up the best spaces for them to live in and assure it remains universal.

Concept Model by Hamid Shahi

Architectural Installation

Hamid Shahi Collaborated on Centre for Counter-Monumental Activities. CCMA is a collaborative project between some of the world’s best up coming designers. The museum and its contents symbolize many important factors of history that is critical for majority of people to remember.

Nuit Blanche

Alongside of Toronto Nuit Blanche Festival, Hamid Shahi is also collaborating on a spectacular project with a group of talented and enthusiastic designers to create an unforgettable experience for Torontonians in downtown core of the city. Nuit Blanche is an annual sunset to sunrise arts festival that classically have art installations, performances and public galleries.

Design & Build

Hamid Shahi was selected to work directly with +Farm, Rigidized Metals Corporation and the Rigidized Fab-Team to design, fabricate and construct a multi-level Culture Shelter at the Silos, Buffalo, NY. The Silos are a 16 acre industrial, nature, waterfront site in downtown Buffalo used by various user groups across the arts/design/creative communities. Consideration of the climatic, environmental, ecological, and material challenges of this dynamic site are crucial to the realization of the final project.

Innovation Space

The collaboration of OCAD U and Toronto East General Hospital puts Hamid Shahi and his teammates in league with the Toronto’s greatest designers. Hamid Shahi’s team proposed a design for TEGH innovation centre on July 10. The most important factor and intention of this innovation centre is to create an environment suitable for group of professionals to reach their fullest potential and complete their desired objectives. The innovation centre as a convergence innovation will be a space for everyone to use, while exploring the elements and gaining new experiences in the centre. The innovation centre will promote progression, hospital technologies, products and everyday facility experience.

Visit The Innovation Space

Innovation Space by Hamid Shahi and his team

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