Hamid Shahi

Unify Design Art
is an initiative that thrives on collaboration and socialization that bring us together during everyday life. The aim is to create a platform for motivated creatives such as artists and designers who enhance stronger relationships between their work, the users and the environment.

Unify is a powerful tool that makes our community strong. Merging the boundaries between art, design and life, we believe that creators around global can support and inspire each other to a make positive change in their local communities.

Mission is to create a platform for artists, architects, designers, performers, filmmakers, writers and other emerging disciplines who are inventors and have high standards for team spirit.

As a collective, we are reaching out to strengthen our creative members team. We are inviting those who are interested in joining together and contributing to project in means of a higher purpose.

Unify Box is our first collective project

The concept of nature and gift giving is what started Unify Design Art. Giving a gift is as old as humanity itself, from offering food to goods or rewarding individuals on a competition entry.

Currently in a world of globalization and materialist culture the art of gift giving has become a marketing game. People have become out of touch with the real value of receiving or giving a gift. The Unify Box aims to revitalize the importance and sentimental value of gift giving.

Unify Box, as our project one, is the result of collaboration of our collective group. We were invited by designboom to introduce our new collaboration to the Canadian people during designboom mart, at Toronto Design Show 2018.

A collaboration with Tara Korkmaz, Erica Joaquin, Kevin Tomm, Erin Allen, Jessica Rysyk, Maedeh Kadkhodazadeh, Marjan Sarkari, Hassan Rezaei, Avis Yu Han Ho, Saba Safari, Babak Behrad doust, Maedeh Mohamadian, Behrouz Barabadi, Homayoun Nezami, Haleh Hashemi, Razieh Soltani, Elaine Yeung, Mikhail Shchupak-Katsman and Hamid Shahi

Special Thanks to Robert Wood, Mark MacGuigan and Hesam Yousefi

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