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My Journey to China

I had an absolute pleasure to meet and work along many talented international designers during the Social Innovation Design Program hosted by Jiangnan University. This was a reason to visit historical and amazing country such as China. China is a vast, beautiful country with a lot of lovely people. I discovered and learnt a lot in every minute of my journey. People were super friendly and incredibly humble. As they say, “the journey of thousand miles starts with a single step”, and my journey was just a short powerful introduction as it contained getting to know some of the most talented Chinese artists and designers, exploring the cities and their history. Therefore, these are all the main factors that I look forward to go back to China to learn, explore and and collaborate with their artists and designers. These photos are some of the highlights of my trip and currently I am editing a few videos along with my ceramic project as well as our final proposal. Regards

Hamid Shahi

Hamid Shahu

Hamid Shahi

Hamid Shahi , Shannon Power and Their Professors

Visiting a Local Farm

Hamid Shahi is presenting

Hamid Shahi during his presentation

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