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  1. The Hub project has been completed

    2021-02-02 06:18:27 UTC
     A new space designed for diverse functions such as “Collaboration, Development and Marketing”. Please read more here

  2. Healing Trees has been shortlisted in Australia

    2020-10-19 06:08:52 UTC
    Our recent proposal, Habitat & Rehabilitation for Koalas in Australia as part of a Competition has been recognized and shortlisted. Healing Trees was conceived as a new connection between humans, Koalas and existing nature. A healing place filled with light and greenery, encourages a spirit of involvement, co-creation and collaboration…

  3. Flamingo Visitor Center

    2020-08-04 22:26:30 UTC
    We are proud to reveal our proposal for the Abu Dhabi Flamingo Visitor Centre Challenge set in the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve. Contestants were tasked with creating a concept for a new visitor center, designed in balance with Al Wathba’s unique natural environment. It was important to us to create…

  4. Azman Design HB Chair / Toronto Interior Design Show

    2020-01-16 05:44:28 UTC
    We are excited to reveal Azman Design HB chair for the first time in Toronto during during IDS (Interior Design Show) . HB Chair is inspired by the vibrancy and energy of performance sports like “skateboarding” and “ballet”, that involve performing human bodies in different moves, creating dynamic motion. As…

  5. Pulse Exhibition / DesignTO

    2020-01-06 03:44:51 UTC
    We’re thrilled to be a part of DesignTO Festival from Jan 17 to 26, 2020! us Tuesday, January 16th for the free opening reception Lumas Gallery. 

  6. Urban Habitat winning a competition

    2019-12-29 14:19:07 UTC
    We are proud to announce that we won a new ‘Affordable Housing Competition’ to transform Canada’s housing into a more sustainable typology both in relationships of residents and the materiality of buildings.“Urban Habitat” is the result of collaboration between Hamid Shahi and Ronak Gandhi from Carleton University 
organized by Marvin…

  7. Under 30 Award

    2019-11-01 04:39:50 UTC
    A beautiful spread in @designart_tokyo annual Magazine that talks about how I have been selected as one of five for Under 30 Award! I am grateful for this opportunity and I had a fruitful experience exhibiting my project at the AXIS building.

  8. Pulse Opening Reception

    2019-10-30 11:45:45 UTC
    Great memorable moments during my opening reception for my Pulse project during DESIGNART TOKYO inside the AXIS building. Special thanks to all my friends, colleagues and mentors who came to show support.


    2019-10-15 19:37:50 UTC
    I am proud to unveil #PULSE during DESIGNART Tokyo at the AXIS Building, one of the most amazing Design+Art hubs of Tokyo. The exhibit is strategically designed to create a dynamic flow throughout the space to allow the visitors to experience a perfect connection between lightness and illumination.  

  10. Interview with Rogers TV

    2019-10-15 19:32:09 UTC
    My Interview with Celebrate Ottawa from Rogers TV during Ottawa Architecture WeekDesign 4 Community

  11. MOR Screening in Canada was a success

    2019-10-10 17:21:24 UTC
    After screening our film MOR in Japan, we were so grateful to have an opportunity to screen in during Ottawa Architecture Week in Canada. It was very valuable to hear many different feedbacks from the amazing people who attended this event. Their time, energy and positive feedback on that night…

  12. Voice of the River - OAW Talks

    2019-10-10 17:13:35 UTC
    It was an absolute pleasure presenting my thesis research “Rethinking the edge conditions of the Ottawa River” to amazing citizens of Ottawa during OAW Talks @oawfest .⁠

  13. MOR - Screening in Ottawa, Canada

    2019-09-29 04:14:19 UTC
    We are grateful to announce that we are invited to screen MOR, a film about The Moment of Realization and the importance of building community after natural disasters during Ottawa Architecture Week in Ottawa, Canada.Please join us at the Galerie SAW Gallery, in Ottawa, Canada on October 7th, 2019.⁠

  14. Voice of the River - OAW Talks

    2019-09-29 03:59:03 UTC
    It is an absolute pleasure to be invited to present about my thesis topic “Voice of the River” during the Ottawa Architecture Week. This year the theme is “Under Water”, where representatives from both architecture, design, and research communities will share their perspectives on Ottawa’s Resiliency, Recycling, Rebuilding, Reclaiming, Remembering…

  15. Objet 3 Exhibition

    2019-09-20 15:49:32 UTC
    I’m delighted to be invited to take part of the third edition of OBJET exhibition that will take place from 11-18 October at Niavaran cultural center in Tehran, Iran.

  16. Hello Wood Festival

    2019-08-07 18:59:13 UTC
    I am really grateful that I had an opportunity to participate in Hello Wood summer school and festival 2019 alongside amazing talents from all around the world. 20 amazing projects was built during one week long, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the festival with the theme of Carnival. I…

  17. Ottawa Riverkeeper’s Gala

    2019-06-15 00:48:33 UTC
    This year Ottawa Riverkeeper Gala was a great success and I am so grateful that I had a pleasure to volunteer and participate along all the amazing souls. I on behalf of Unify Design Art, donated one of the Unify Boxes that I designed in collaboration with Glass Artisans Alvanblour…

  18. Exploring Bamboo

    2019-05-09 03:02:30 UTC
    I recently visited Barbados for the second time where I found an opportunity to learn more about this beautiful island and its amazing people. Through my explorations of existing local materials, I found a small area of non-native bamboo forest that was accessible to me to start investigating its qualities…

  19. Successful Master’s Thesis Defense

    2019-04-20 03:57:02 UTC
    After 8 years of making, I’m very happy and blessed to announce that my thesis presentation defence went very well and I’m thankful for this milestone and growth Couldn’t ask for a better Advisor, amazing Guest Critics, groups of wonderful and talented Friends and Colleagues. Special Thanks to those amazing…

  20. Voice of the River - Thesis Defence

    2019-04-08 03:12:34 UTC
    I am honoured to announce that I will be presenting my thesis, Voice of the River on April 17th, 2019 at Azrieli school of Architecture and Urbanism - Carleton Univeristy. 

  21. Diluvio Presentation

    2019-04-08 02:56:49 UTC
    During our opening on Friday March 22, we had an amazing opportunity to present the underlying ideas behind the  Diluvio sculptural installation and how it has drawn inspiration from Leonardo’s deluge drawings and his studies of the dynamics of the flow of water, air, light, shadows and energy. Thanks to…

  22. City as Water Way

    2019-03-23 06:48:19 UTC
    I am honoured to be selected to present my research topic “City as Water Way” for Seventh Annual Carleton Art History Graduate Student Conference organized by AHGSS. With the desire of bringing more awareness to the Ottawa River and other rivers around the world, I believe in the twenty first…

  23. Diluvio

    2019-03-17 22:35:52 UTC
    I would like to invite my friends in Ottawa to join us for a public presentation of Diluvio, a sculptural installation inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s deluge drawings, and a reception in the MacOdrum Library beginning at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 22, 2019 Diluvio is the result of Crossings…

  24. Pulse

    2019-03-16 00:54:46 UTC
    I am thrilled to announce that my new design Pulse is shortlisted for ein und zwanzig 2019 by the German Design Council. I am incredibly proud to be the first Designer to present Canada for this award competition. An impressive international jury will designate soon the 21 winners…

  25. MOR - Tokyo Screening

    2019-03-06 01:09:25 UTC
    We had a fantastic time screening our film in Tokyo. We are so grateful for this opportunity to connect with more amazing people through this film.  After screening the film, we were so grateful to have an opportunity to talk more about the film and have a dialogue around community.…

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