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Imagining a New World

Under the guidance of our incredible professor Tim Maly, a writer, design researcher, a lecturer in Industrial Design at RISD and a fellow at Harvard’s metaLAB, along with ten students and myself undertook the challenge of creating a new imagined planetary system in a fictional design studio.

The studio acted as the creative preamble for our upcoming trek across the pond, putting us through the paces of fully immersive design through imagination.

The unveiling of this creative venture was a central part of our design school’s interim design exhibitions, and was hugely successful.

The exhibition is being displayed at the Hub Gallery at the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism at Carleton University, and features thought provoking work of what planetary relations could be, centered around the reimagining of commerce in the marketplace.

A collaboration with Ronak Ghandi, Tina Sadeghi-Pari, Ryan Fleming, Justin Yan, Zabdi Falcon, Rachel Irving-Beer, Lucas Tonellato, Stacy Kowalchuk, Kristina Le, Alexis Wang, and Lindsay Mirecki.
Guest Crits Professor Jill Stoner and Professor Ozayr Saloojee

Professor Tim Maly and our world

Materials by Rachel and Lucas

Works by Zadbi Falcon

Alexis Wang

Tina & Justin

Hamid Shahi

Crit moments

Using Format