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Interview with Japanese Newspaper

“Nikkan Iwate Kensetsu Kogyo Shinbun” is one of the Daily Iwate Construction Engineering Newspaper that they interviewed me while I was volunteering at a community house in Kamaishi, Japan. This article focuses mostly on interior repainting part of it and it introduces the non profit organization, their team members and their mission as well as Japan Paint Manufactures Association. 

During a short interview they asked me about my overall experience, and they stated “One of the volunteers, Hamid Shahi, an architectural designer, said although we don’t know each other very well and we are meeting here for the first time, but we really enjoyed working together. This is not the first time for me to repaint but there are enough materials and tools that our work went very smoothly.” This experience was definitely something above and beyond my journey to Kamaishi and I wish continuous future developments for Kamaishi and its lovely people. 

Thanks a million to Kiyomi Sakai for sending me this newspaper and Madoka Furuya for translating it.

Hamid Shahi

Hamid Shahi

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