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Posts tagged with HamidShahi

  1. Kengo Kuma Inspired

    05 Jun 2018

    One of the most memorable of our experiences in Japan took place one night, suspended over the streets of Tokyo, the wind gently brushing through the bamboo trees of the temple next door. It was close to midnight, with all of our cameras set up and questions ready, when a…

  2. An Ed / Id Silent Auction

    25 Mar 2016

    Video documenting some of the amazing moments of our last night’s silent auction at the Umbra store. Thanks to our dedicated Events Committee, Faculty as well as everyone who attended to support. Looking forward to a successful Graduate Exhibition during month of May.

  3. The Steam Canoe Documentary

    19 Mar 2016

    A great short documentary film by Rikako Takahashi on our Steam Canoe Winter Station. Special Thanks to Mark Tholen and rest of the team.

  4. Behind the scenes of our winter station

    20 Feb 2016

    A video documenting the installation of the steam canoe winter station on the edge of Toronto’s Woodbine beach.  OCAD U Design & Build during Toronto Winter Stations Design Competition 2016. A collaboration with Curtis Ho, Jungyun Lee, Monifa Onca Charles, Reila Park, Lambert St‐Cyr, Jaewon Kim, Jason Wong, Hamid Shahi,…

  5. Lexus Design Challenge Finalist

    24 Nov 2015

    Through my collaboration with Victor Mancini, working on multiple projects for Lexus Design Challenge, I am pleased to announce that my project “Diamond Motion” has been selected as one of three finalists for Lexus at the 2016 Canadian Auto Shows.  Hamid Shahi and Victor Mancini

  6. Community Works Around Us

    16 Nov 2015

    With the serious crisis and the horrific terrorist attacks around the world, we are facing a real insecurity.  As an architectural designer I still feel that there is hope to create a safer and more collaborating environments around us. Aim of this post is to remind my self and my…

  7. The Relation with Ceramics

    11 Oct 2015

    With over thousands of years history, I am pleased to take you to a place where main characters are not the objects, but the people who create these objects. ”The Relation with Ceramics” is the documentation of my experience along with my works, drawing on these beautiful shaped vases during…

  8. Interview with Japanese Newspaper

    28 Sep 2015

    “Nikkan Iwate Kensetsu Kogyo Shinbun” is one of the Daily Iwate Construction Engineering Newspaper that they interviewed me while I was volunteering at a community house in Kamaishi, Japan. This article focuses mostly on interior repainting part of it and it introduces the non profit organization, their team members and…

  9. Volunteering in Kamaishi, Japan

    19 Aug 2015

    I had a pleasure to connect with some awesome people that are spending most of their time helping Kamaishi to regrow. Unfortunately Kamaishi was heavily damaged by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in which 1,250 city residents were killed. Although city has been recovered partially but Kamaishi citizens still…


    07 Jun 2015

    I had the privilege of attending the 20th anniversary symposium of Osanbashi pier designed by Alejandro Zaera-Polo and Farshid Moussavi in Yokohama, Japan. There was a series of fascinating lectures by famous architects and engineers who were involved this spectacular project. Osanbashi pier is a spectacular architecture that is considered…

  11. Interior Design Show

    29 Jan 2015

    Hamid Shahi had a great experience presenting Azman Design Collection in IDS15 and he would like to thank the sponsors, partners, exhibitors, attendees and everyone else who made Toronto Interior Design Show another success this year Hamid Shahi Hamid Shahi Sepehr M, Hamid Shahi and Orod Tajdaran Hamid Shahi and…

  12. Concept

    06 Oct 2014

    Hamid Shahi has begun working on inclusive Design for challenging clients. He is grateful and excited to design a residential project for a blind couple in downtown Toronto. Blind people have a lot of strong senses and they also care about illumination even though, they are not able to see…

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