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Community Works Around Us

With the serious crisis and the horrific terrorist attacks around the world, we are facing a real insecurity.  As an architectural designer I still feel that there is hope to create a safer and more collaborating environments around us. Aim of this post is to remind my self and my friends that developing a passion for helping others and giving back to communities should be our number one priority. During my internship in Japan, I also took part in a volunteering opportunity to build a community house in Kamaishi, a city north east of Japan that was damaged intensively by 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. This was a very important learning experience for me in a way that made me realize the communities’ problems even four years after a natural disaster, and learn how architects and other professionals are playing an important role in re-introducing those cities to recover a new life for those who lost their families, homes, and jobs. 

Therefore, I believe no matter where we come from and what we do, we need to effectively contribute after a tragedy by donating some of our precious resources that are our time, our attention, our influence and our creativity- all of which, when done well, can prove more beneficial than charitable donations. 


Hamid Shahi in Kamaishi

Hamid Shahi in Kamaishi

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