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  1. Re-Unify at PechaKucha Vol 149 in Photos

    2017-07-29 06:25:00 UTC
    We were so excited to be presenting and to meet all of the talented and passionate people who attended, lending their smiles and positive energy. An amazing experience, such a beautiful outlet for creativity and brilliant ideas. It really shows us that by nature, human beings are creative and compassionate…

  2. Re-Unify Through Architecture

    2017-07-29 04:55:00 UTC
    Erin and I experienced some amazing moments presenting at PechaKucha Tokyo Volume 149. Please click on the following link to watch and hear what we presented: Re_Unify Through Architecture 

  3. PechaKucha 20x20 Tokyo

    2017-07-24 16:27:00 UTC
    Presenting Re-Unify at PechaKucha Through exploration and discussion of past projects and experiences, I along with Erin examine the notion of architecture as a powerful tool to unify communities and incite positive social change. We will discuss how we have come to see the role of architecture in local communities…

  4. Intern Architect at Kengo Kuma and Associates

    2017-06-24 16:28:00 UTC
    It is an honour to be part of the Kengo Kuma team doing a full time internship at his Tokyo office alongside some of the most talented architects and designers from around the globe. To learn more about KKAA and their inspiring projects, visit


    2017-05-06 16:29:00 UTC
    How to explore sound in the context of the city?  What is the shape of sound? This project started with an attempt to generate a full scale permanent pavilion at The Lot Radio in New York City, a meeting point for local and international DJ’s to broadcast. We created a…

  6. Architizer A+Awards

    2017-03-18 23:05:00 UTC
    There are some exclusive news that I would love to share with you all. Our Steam Canoe project has been nominated in the top 5 pavilion architecture in the world for year of 2016. Please Vote for us on Architizer Awards Thanks a million

  7. Layers of Girona

    2017-03-02 17:19:00 UTC
    “Layers of Girona” is a video documentation of my visit to a wonderful city in Spain.

  8. Aggregation Studies

    2017-02-03 04:00:00 UTC

  9. Wildlife

    2016-11-23 02:44:00 UTC

  10. Capturing the moments

    2016-11-17 05:25:00 UTC

  11. Steam Canoe comes to OMI Sculpture Park in NY

    2016-10-23 15:23:00 UTC
    I am delighted to announce that our Steam Canoe project has been moved permanently to OMI Sculpture Park in Ghent, New York. In addition, this project received an award at the Materialica Expo in Munich. Many thanks to Mark Tholen, our professor at OCAD University and all our teammates for…

  12. Masters of Architecture

    2016-09-11 22:54:00 UTC
    I am honoured to be accepted to start my new journey at Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism - Carleton University. My aim is to go through this Professional Academic Training to learn and get inspired from some of the amazing professors and talented colleagues in order to build some…

  13. Canadian Chinese Alumni Association

    2016-08-20 20:41:00 UTC
    For the second time, I had a pleasure meeting The Consul General of the People’s China in Toronto, Mr. XUE Bing and Mrs.XUE, their wonderful team as well as some of the talented Canadians, who participated in studying and researching in China. In addition, I’d like to congratulate my lovely…

  14. The 2016 Convocation Ceremony of OCAD University

    2016-06-11 23:06:00 UTC
    Congratulations to all Spring 2016 graduates. Completing an undergraduate degree is an important and significant achievement and I am very proud of all of us.  I would like to take this opportunity once again and officially thank my family, my professors and mentors as well as my amazing talented friends.…

  15. GradeEx 101

    2016-04-29 14:01:00 UTC
    I would like to take this opportunity and invite all my lovely friends to take some time to visit OCAD University Graduation Exhibition. I promise it would be an amazing inspiring experience.  I personally experienced a great journey at OCADU and met a lot of wonderful and talented friends who…

  16. An Ed / Id Silent Auction

    2016-03-25 22:09:00 UTC
    Video documenting some of the amazing moments of our last night’s silent auction at the Umbra store. Thanks to our dedicated Events Committee, Faculty as well as everyone who attended to support. Looking forward to a successful Graduate Exhibition during month of May.

  17. Happy Spring/Norooz

    2016-03-20 20:14:00 UTC
    Happy Spring to all the lovely people on planet of earth and Happy Persian New Year to those who celebrate Norooz. Wishing everyone the best health with full of happiness and success. Hamid Shahi and Spring Time

  18. The Steam Canoe Documentary

    2016-03-19 17:46:00 UTC
    A great short documentary film by Rikako Takahashi on our Steam Canoe Winter Station. Special Thanks to Mark Tholen and rest of the team.

  19. Behind the scenes of our winter station

    2016-02-20 02:28:00 UTC
    A video documenting the installation of the steam canoe winter station on the edge of Toronto’s Woodbine beach.  OCAD U Design & Build during Toronto Winter Stations Design Competition 2016. A collaboration with Curtis Ho, Jungyun Lee, Monifa Onca Charles, Reila Park, Lambert St‐Cyr, Jaewon Kim, Jason Wong, Hamid Shahi,…

  20. The Steam Canoe is complete

    2016-02-17 20:49:00 UTC
    I am honoured to announce that our winter station is complete and the steam canoe will be on the edge of Toronto’s Woodbine beach until March 20, 2016 to keep all the lovely visitors warm. A collaboration with Curtis Ho, Jungyun Lee, Monifa Onca Charles, Reila Park, Lambert St‐Cyr, Jaewon…

  21. PechaKucha

    2016-02-12 04:03:00 UTC
    After attending two amazing events in Tokyo, I finally had a privilege of presenting my first #PechaKucha along side my teammates from OCAD U. Good news is that our Winterstation Installation “The Steam Canoe” is almost ready to be placed on Toronto Beaches. hamid shahi

  22. Winning Second Prize at Kentwood Design Challenge

    2016-02-12 03:59:00 UTC
    I am pleased to announce that my collaboration with Victor Mancini has resulted in another victory and we won the second prize designing and building an Installation for Kentwood at the Toronto 2016 Interior Design Show. #hamidshahi #victormancini hamid shahi

  23. Kentwood IDS Design Challenge

    2016-01-23 03:05:00 UTC
    I am pleased to announce that our Installation has been chosen as one of the finalists for Kentwood at the Toronto Interior Design Show. I would like to take this opportunity and invite all our friends to this year’s amazing show. We look forward to seeing you all.

  24. Winter Stations Design Competition

    2016-01-12 06:02:00 UTC
    With an absolute privilege taking part of 2016 Winter Stations Competition along with some of the great talents from OCADU, I am pleased to announce that our proposed design “The Steam Canoe” is going to be shaped into reality on Toronto’s waterfront during February 15 until March 20.  Read more…

  25. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    2015-12-24 20:21:00 UTC
    Wishing you a year filled with Love, Happiness and Prosperity.  Hamid Shahi

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