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  1. Lexus Design Challenge Finalist

    2015-11-24 21:39:00 UTC
    Through my collaboration with Victor Mancini, working on multiple projects for Lexus Design Challenge, I am pleased to announce that my project “Diamond Motion” has been selected as one of three finalists for Lexus at the 2016 Canadian Auto Shows.  Hamid Shahi and Victor Mancini

  2. Community Works Around Us

    2015-11-16 17:00:00 UTC
    With the serious crisis and the horrific terrorist attacks around the world, we are facing a real insecurity.  As an architectural designer I still feel that there is hope to create a safer and more collaborating environments around us. Aim of this post is to remind my self and my…

  3. The Relation with Ceramics

    2015-10-11 04:58:00 UTC
    With over thousands of years history, I am pleased to take you to a place where main characters are not the objects, but the people who create these objects. ”The Relation with Ceramics” is the documentation of my experience along with my works, drawing on these beautiful shaped vases during…

  4. Future of Retail Workshop

    2015-10-05 15:53:00 UTC
    “As a consumer what should the futures of retail look like in 2040”. This was the main question being asked through out a 3 day workshop where co-creation attempted to unravel the question using the Team Syntegrity protocol. With high interest in future of architecture and design, I had a…

  5. Interview with Japanese Newspaper

    2015-09-28 03:58:00 UTC
    “Nikkan Iwate Kensetsu Kogyo Shinbun” is one of the Daily Iwate Construction Engineering Newspaper that they interviewed me while I was volunteering at a community house in Kamaishi, Japan. This article focuses mostly on interior repainting part of it and it introduces the non profit organization, their team members and…

  6. Internship at II BY IV DESIGN

    2015-09-17 23:19:00 UTC
    II BY IV DESIGN is an inspiration for me. It is truly a honour to work as a part time design intern with some of the best Canadian Designers at this award winning firm.  Hamid Shahi and II BY IV Design

  7. Canadian Alumni China Reunion

    2015-09-12 21:19:00 UTC
    I had the pleasure meeting The Consul General of the People’s China in Toronto, Mr. XUE Bing and Mrs. XUE, his wonderful team as well as some of the talented lovely Canadians, who participated in studying and researching in China.  It was a wonderful event and I appreciate their great…

  8. My Internship In Japan

    2015-09-08 22:27:00 UTC
    I am really grateful to God to be able to experience an amazing opportunity living and working in Japan for period of four months. Working as an Intern Architect in one of the top Architectural Firms such as Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop was a great learning experience for me…

  9. Volunteering in Kamaishi, Japan

    2015-08-19 05:31:00 UTC
    I had a pleasure to connect with some awesome people that are spending most of their time helping Kamaishi to regrow. Unfortunately Kamaishi was heavily damaged by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in which 1,250 city residents were killed. Although city has been recovered partially but Kamaishi citizens still…

  10. Mount Fuji is Full of Inspirations

    2015-07-28 13:22:00 UTC
    My friends and I climbed the highest mountain in Japan on saturday morning, July 25th. Mount Fuji, having an altitude of 3,776 meters, is the highest mountain in Japan. The conical-shaped independent peak is beautiful from every angle. This inspiring mountain is a world cultural heritage site and the pride…

  11. My Journey to China

    2015-07-20 00:49:00 UTC
    I had an absolute pleasure to meet and work along many talented international designers during the Social Innovation Design Program hosted by Jiangnan University. This was a reason to visit historical and amazing country such as China. China is a vast, beautiful country with a lot of lovely people. I…

  12. “Feeding the Planet, Rebuilding the Trust”

    2015-07-06 14:50:00 UTC
    The theme of Innovation design program that I am participating in China is same as Milano Expo 2015. Food and agriculture is a fundamental part of everyday life of human society and these are emerging fields of design intervention. The declining of food safety, quality and diversity in modernization brings…

  13. Innovation Design Program Scholarship in China

    2015-06-16 12:30:00 UTC
    I have delighted to announce that I have been awarded a full scholarship to participate in Summer Innovation Design program in Wuxi, China from June 26 to July 10. I am very grateful to join this program along with other local/international designers and students. I thank Jiangnan University committee for…


    2015-06-07 14:38:00 UTC
    I had the privilege of attending the 20th anniversary symposium of Osanbashi pier designed by Alejandro Zaera-Polo and Farshid Moussavi in Yokohama, Japan. There was a series of fascinating lectures by famous architects and engineers who were involved this spectacular project. Osanbashi pier is a spectacular architecture that is considered…

  15. Winner of Bigger than a Breadbox Competition

    2015-06-01 14:35:00 UTC
    Hamid Shahi is honoured to announce that Kissing Sparrows project has won Bigger than a BreadBox Design Competition and second phase of this installation will be constructed in Boston by June 2015. This would be a great oppurtunity for +Farm team to showcase Kissing Sparrows in a different environment.  Read…

  16. Intern Architect at Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop

    2015-05-12 13:28:00 UTC
    Hamid Shahi has officially started doing a full time internship at Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop. Learn more about Mr. Riken Yamamoto and his inspiring projects on  Hamid Shahi interns at Riken Yamamoto

  17. Paresa

    2015-05-07 07:24:00 UTC
    Paresa, the infill urban home has been designed by Hamid Shahi to help young professional couples who need minimal affordable subsidized dwelling. These units are stacked and combined in groups to treat the edge of Toronto parking lots. These units are developed in a new way that are highly standardized…

  18. Point Pelee Design & Build

    2015-04-03 17:58:00 UTC
    Hamid Shahi along with group of students from OCAD University are on a mission to design and build an architectural installation at Point Pelee National Park, a lush Carolinian forest oasis at the southern tip of Canada.  Art work by Hamid Shahi

  19. Prefabricated Housing

    2015-03-16 17:49:00 UTC
    Hamid Shahi is working on designing another studio project that focuses on prefabricated housing units for urban inhabitants. Hamid’s design responds to those young professionals who need minimal affordable subsidized dwelling. These units could be stacked and combined in groups depending on the site. These units are developed in a…

  20. Hospitality and Retail

    2015-02-25 07:54:00 UTC
    Hamid Shahi has begun working on a new studio project in downtown Toronto. The most important intention of this project is to create a new city icon which improves cultural and socializing aspect of the city. An environment suitable for guests and public locals to interact, socialize and enjoy their…

  21. Interior Design Show

    2015-01-29 04:25:00 UTC
    Hamid Shahi had a great experience presenting Azman Design Collection in IDS15 and he would like to thank the sponsors, partners, exhibitors, attendees and everyone else who made Toronto Interior Design Show another success this year Hamid Shahi Hamid Shahi Sepehr M, Hamid Shahi and Orod Tajdaran Hamid Shahi and…

  22. Azman Design Collection

    2015-01-22 15:20:00 UTC
    Hamid Shahi is pleased to announce the launch of Azman Design Collection on opening of Toronto Interior Design Show. The Interior Design Show is Canada’s premier showcase of new products, innovative designers and avant-garde concepts from North America and beyond. Art work by Hamid Shahi

  23. Universal Kitchen

    2014-12-29 05:36:00 UTC
    Universal design is an important subject in Architecture. The aim of universal design is to develop theory, principles and solutions to enable everybody becoming increasingly important in architecture and interior design spaces. Hamid Shahi completed the studio course “Accessibility Design For The Built Environment”, where he developed his skills to…

  24. Residential Design

    2014-12-09 17:30:00 UTC
    Hamid has finished designing the final residential design studio project for challenging clients. He is currently in process of finishing the final presentation. Hamid Shahi and Residential Design

  25. Lighting Design

    2014-11-28 01:28:58 UTC
    Ivalo Office Lighting Design has been completed by Hamid Shahi and his teammates. The design of the Ivalo office space was approached with a minimalist mind set, based on neutral and Earth tones. Implementing the ideal lighting systems for the space was our focus in order to create a comfortable…

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