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  1. Eco House

    2014-11-15 23:13:00 UTC
    Designing the energy-efficient Carriage House has been completed. Carriage Platinum, with an area of 28 m2 (300 sq ft), has been designed to be simple, effective and energy-efficient for a young artist to meditate and work. Eco House by Hamid Shahi

  2. Architectural Installation

    2014-11-10 22:39:00 UTC
    Exclusive documentation from two weeks design and build architecture experience with Plus Farm: +Farm and Hamid Shahi

  3. Carriage House

    2014-10-27 02:28:15 UTC
    Hamid Shahi is in process of designing the most attractive, effective and energy-efficient Carriage House for a young artist to contemplate and work. Project aims to be completed by December.

  4. Concept

    2014-10-06 03:01:00 UTC
    Hamid Shahi has begun working on inclusive Design for challenging clients. He is grateful and excited to design a residential project for a blind couple in downtown Toronto. Blind people have a lot of strong senses and they also care about illumination even though, they are not able to see…

  5. Architectural Installation

    2014-10-06 02:54:27 UTC
    Hamid Shahi Collaborated on Centre for Counter-Monumental Activities. CCMA is a collaborative project between some of the world’s best up coming designers. The museum and its contents symbolize many important factors of history that is critical for majority of people to remember.

  6. Nuit Blanche

    2014-09-28 18:43:46 UTC
    Alongside of Toronto Nuit Blanche Festival, Hamid Shahi is also collaborating on a spectacular project with a group of talented and enthusiastic designers to create an unforgettable experience for Torontonians in downtown core of the city. Nuit Blanche is an annual sunset to sunrise arts festival that classically have art…

  7. Design & Build

    2014-08-09 02:27:38 UTC
    Hamid Shahi was selected to work directly with +Farm, Rigidized Metals Corporation and the Rigidized Fab-Team to design, fabricate and construct a multi-level Culture Shelter at the Silos, Buffalo, NY. The Silos are a 16 acre industrial, nature, waterfront site in downtown Buffalo used by various user groups across the…

  8. Innovation Space

    2014-07-21 20:18:00 UTC
    The collaboration of OCAD U and Toronto East General Hospital puts Hamid Shahi and his teammates in league with the Toronto’s greatest designers. Hamid Shahi’s team proposed a design for TEGH innovation centre on July 10. The most important factor and intention of this innovation centre is to create an…

  9. Public Space

    2014-07-21 06:05:00 UTC
    Hamid Shahi and OCAD U Environmental Designers are working on East Scarborough Design Build project to create a public space for the community. Project started on May 2014 and will be completed by September 2014. The combination of the existing landscape around the park and the series of curvilinear benches…

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