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  1. MOR - Kamaishi Screening

    2019-03-02 12:13:00 UTC
    On Feb 16 2019, we screened our film in Kamaishi , where many people lost their lives during the disaster and many others still carry their sad memories, but thankfully we were able to connect with the community, engage in great conversation and and get feedback from them. We learned…

  2. MOR - Teaser

    2019-02-05 12:03:16 UTC

  3. MOR - The Moment of Realization」 上映会

    2019-02-05 11:33:33 UTC
    What an astounding stage of richness these past two years have brought to me, Rikako Takahashi, and Erin Allen. Many thanks to the incredible architects who believed in our initiative for this film.  And lastly, thank you to those who supported us and took part in this extraordinary honour, especially…

  4. Colloquium ll

    2018-12-19 02:05:36 UTC
    That’s a wrap on the semester with last week’s review! Presenting my thesis on the edge conditions of the Ottawa River. Great conservation with my advisor Professor Federica Goffi and guest critics Johan Voordouw, Linda Zhang and Rana, Thank you!! Photos by my great friend Esteban 

  5. Thesis Progress

    2018-10-19 04:54:55 UTC
    Starting September, I began working on my thesis during the final year of my masters. I began working on the topic of water and researching about the future of fluid cities and the Ottawa River. My aim is to bring more awareness to the Ottawa River as one of the…

  6. Transition

    2018-09-24 22:23:32 UTC
    During the transition from Summer to Fall, now is a great time to look back at summer time and meditate on the memorable moments that all of us experienced I certainly went through a lot of memorable moments, dialogues and experiences. Somehow amazing and someway productive. How about you? Did…

  7. Uzu Pavilion

    2018-07-15 23:02:41 UTC
    During my internship at Kengo Kuma, I had the absolute pleasure working on Uzu- an awesome Pavilion in Beijing exhibition. Photo by @kkaa_official .

  8. Kengo Kuma Inspired

    2018-06-05 17:42:01 UTC
    One of the most memorable of our experiences in Japan took place one night, suspended over the streets of Tokyo, the wind gently brushing through the bamboo trees of the temple next door. It was close to midnight, with all of our cameras set up and questions ready, when a…

  9. Milan Design Week

    2018-05-19 11:34:17 UTC
    Recently I had a great opportunity to visit Milan during Design Week. I was fortunate to experience and explore most of the exhibitions in the city along with my good friend Behrouz from Unify Design Art. It was a joy to experience the range of projects all over the city…

  10. Making Connections in Manchester

    2018-03-19 13:41:09 UTC
    Recently I had an amazing opportunity to be presenting and to meet all of the talented and passionate people from Manchester who attended, lending their smiles and positive energy. The theme of Pechakucha Vol.21 was “making connections” and my topic was called “A journey toward unity”.Please click on the following…

  11. Equality Through Unity

    2018-03-05 18:43:23 UTC
    Unify Design Art is again pushing further to connect with more wonderful creative people in the UK, this time jumping on an opportunity to present at Pechakucha in Cambridge. On behalf of our team, I will be travelling to this beautiful city on March 6th, to speak towards how we…

  12. A Journey Towards Unity

    2018-02-27 14:07:23 UTC
    Presenting A journey Towards Unity at Pechakucha Manchester  Unify Design Art is having a great opportunity to unify with amazing people in the UK. As a founding partner of UDA, I am invited to present in PechaKucha Night Manchester. Through exploration and discussion of past projects and experiences, I will…

  13. Imagining a New World

    2018-02-24 08:43:05 UTC
    Under the guidance of our incredible professor Tim Maly, a writer, design researcher, a lecturer in Industrial Design at RISD and a fellow at Harvard’s metaLAB, along with ten students and myself undertook the challenge of creating a new imagined planetary system in a fictional design studio The studio acted…

  14. Inspired by a Space Oddity

    2018-02-16 23:37:00 UTC
    Recently, we had a wonderful opportunity to meet Chris Hadfield, First Canadian Astronaut to walk in space, operate Canadarm, and command the International Space Station – Pilot, astronaut, musician & speaker. Read more:

  15. Unify Design Art at designboom mart

    2018-02-16 23:33:05 UTC
    A video documenting designboom mart 2018 Our collective team along with 16 other creative professionals from different parts of the globe were chosen to present self-produced and limited-edition objects to the Canadian people during designboom mart, at Toronto Design Show 2018. Unify Box, our project one is the result of…

  16. Unify Box Process in Motion

    2018-01-29 08:51:08 UTC
    Directed by Anahita Masoumi for Unify Design Art

  17. The Big Reveal

    2018-01-29 08:46:32 UTC
    It’s been less than three months that we have started a global initiative. Unify Design Art is a movement that thrives on collaboration and socialization that bring us together during everyday life Thankfully we succeeded on our first creative collaborate project along with many artists and designers from across the…

  18. Unify Design Art

    2018-01-12 17:36:47 UTC
    Happy New Year to all my lovely friends. To start 2018, we are proud to present Unify Design Art, a sustainable movement of artists and designers that aims to enrich the quality of life of those living in local communities through the cultivation of creativity and unification of communities globally…

  19. Manabu Chiba

    2017-11-21 00:38:51 UTC
    Recently, we had a wonderful opportunity to meet Manabu Chiba, another remarkable Japanese architect. Professor as well as the Vice-President of the Tokyo University, he is also currently teaching at Harvard University.  Our interview with Chiba San was enlightening, as an intellectual and humble role model, we learned so much…

  20. A visit to Yokosuka Museum

    2017-09-30 18:42:59 UTC
    A visit to Yokosuka Museum designed by Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop. It is incredible to experience how this project is embedded into its landscape facing the ocean Three Years ago I had the honour to work at their office in Yokohama, to learn more about their philosophy of design.…

  21. Klein Dytham Architects

    2017-09-18 20:56:40 UTC
    Recently, I had the honour to meet with Mark Dytham from Klein Dytham Architects and the co-founder of PechaKucha, to hear about their challenging moments, triumphs and precious experiences This legendary pair are not only inspiring architects, but have extended their reach outside of their profession, creating an accessible platform…

  22. City and Senses Through Photos

    2017-09-14 15:29:01 UTC
    My PechaKucha adventure in Osaka was amazing. I was honoured to meet all those talented minds and beautiful people who came out that night. Thank you my Osaka friends for your positive energy and support. I hope one day soon we cross paths again. 

  23. Pecha Kucha Osaka

    2017-08-31 17:20:53 UTC
    At PKNOsaka Vol. 18, I will be talking about my research on understanding senses and sensory design in relation to the city of Tokyo’s urban experiences. I am excited to share some of my sensory exploration research under the supervision of Professor Federica Goffi, as well as talking about my…

  24. Reunion with Yoko Takaike San

    2017-08-23 12:53:12 UTC
    What a fruitful reunion with Yoko San after our venture a few years ago in Kamaishi. I had the great opportunity at that time to participate in her community house project in the North East of Japan, aiming to improve the mental health of the area’s residents. Here we are…

  25. Reunion with Riken Yamamoto San

    2017-08-16 11:19:00 UTC
    An amazing reunion with Riken Yamamoto San after two long years We were blessed to have this opportunity to interview the master, and draw on his considerable experience to explore our deepest questions about architecture and our roles in the world. Yamamoto San is known for his treatment of dense…

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